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PRODUCT REVIEW: Vegusto vegan No-Moo Mild-Aromatic (Cheddar Alternative)

Published: 21 Jun 2017

A mild cheddar or a mild let down?

PRODUCT REVIEW: Vegusto vegan No-Moo Mild-Aromatic (Cheddar Alternative)

Price: As far a cheese goes this isn't that bad considering the quality of the product and the fact it's vegan! Expect to pay around £4.99/5.65(EUR)/$6.30.

Review: We've spent years trying various different vegan cheese from cheddar to mozzarella to slices to grated and by and large they all have the flavoured enthusiasm of a dead cardboard box, so what makes Swiss producers, Vegusto think they have anything better to offer? THEY MAKE INSANE CHEESE! THAT'S WHAT!

This is quite simply incredible vegan cheese and we'll tell you why. Firstly the packaging, yes the packaging! It just feels like an authentic product, like something you would actually go and buy from a farmers market.

As soon as you open this cheese you're hit with a very strong aroma and as for the taste, WOW!

IT TASTES LIKE STRONG CHEDDAR! It even leaves that after taste in your mouth and the texture could not be more spot on. It melted on our pizza and went great in a sandwich.

Don't ever buy another vegan cheese again unless it's Vegusto! Or we'll tell on you.
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Overall Product Score: 10/10

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