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PRODUCT REVIEW: Vegusto vegan No-Moo Mushrom Burger

Published: 23 Jun 2017

A tasty vegan burger stuffed with cheese from the award winning Vegusto.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Vegusto vegan No-Moo Mushrom Burger

Price: Like most Vegusto products they can cost a bit more than the average vegan product but as always the price is well worth the quality of the item and these burgers are no exception. Pick them up for around £3.15/3.58(EUR)/$4.00.

Review: You can easily find a wide range of vegan burgers in most supermarkets around the world. Some are you're average bean burger, others try to mimic a classic beef patty as much as possible and then you have Vegusto.

True to form they have once again created a very unique product that still embodies the original concept of what all companies try to create which is a realistic burger. However, Vegusto have not only managed this but also improved on it by adding CHEESE to the patty!

The no-moo burger has a perfectly chewy texture and a rich flavour with a smokey after taste which we just love!

The ONLY downside to this burger is the size, we'd love it to be a bit bigger but to be perfectly honest as soon as you taste it you really don't care about the portion size, it's well worth it.

Another amazing product from the Vegusto team!
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Overall Product Score: 9/10

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