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PRODUCT REVIEW: Vegusto Farmhouse-style Vegan Sausage

Published: 18 Jun 2017

We munch on theses for brunch, but do they have any crunch!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Vegusto Farmhouse-style Vegan Sausage

Price: Compared to other products on the market these are a bit expensive but they're also of much higher quality so it's worth paying the higher price tag. A pack of two will cost you around £3.75/4.28(EUR)/$4.80.

Review: At first glance these are quite chunky and way bigger than most meat alternatives so we instantly have concerns they're going to be difficult to cook properly due to how thick they are. They smell incredible so we start frying these beasts.

After a few minutes in the pan they're ready to devour. We dive in with a fork and the first thing we notice is the texture, a slightly crispy break in the sausage to reveal what looks like quite a chewy inside.

THESE ARE AMAZING and the only thing we can concentrate on is how perfect the texture is along with a strong smokey flavour that really makes your mouth water.

If you've been eating Linda McCartney sausages all your life it's time to ditch these and get stuck into Vegusto you will never go back!
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Overall Product Score: 9/10

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