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PRODUCT REVIEW: Vegusto No-Moo Piquant (parmesan style)

Published: 24 Jun 2017

A vegan parmesan style cheese from award winning cheese makers, Vegusto.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Vegusto No-Moo Piquant (parmesan style)

Price: Dairy Parmesan can range from between £2/3(EUR)/$3.50 to £20/24(EUR)/$30 so this is really well priced! Pick some up for around £4.99/5.58(EUR)/$6.35.

Review: This smells great when you open it from it's vacuum packed casing and you kind of want to devour it straight away!

We tried it on some pasta dishes and even a few crackers with olives and wine! You would never tell this was a dairy free product, it has such a good texture and flavour with a great after taste leaving you wanting more and more.

Vegusto are well known for making extremely high quality vegan products and this one is no exception.

They produce a really wide range of vegan meats and cheese. We highly recommend ANY Vegusto product!
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Overall Product Score: 9/10

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