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PRODUCT REVIEW: Tofurky Chick N Apple Meat Free Sausages

Published: 19 Jun 2017

Check out these poultry sized meat free sausages.

PRODUCT REVIEW:Tofurky Chick N Apple Meat Free Sausages

Price: You can pick these up for about £3.29/3.71(EUR)/$4.16.

Review: Thanks to these sausages being vacuum packed, when we open them up we get a strong aromatic scent of herbs & apple and the texture looks pretty tantalising.

That's kind of where the excitement of eating these stops though as they have a very strange feel to them. When you bite into them they're extremely squishy more like dough than a meaty chew. Taste wise we can't really fault them, these sausages for sure have a unique flavour and maybe if cooked differently they could be improved. Overall they're not too bad but not the best on the market.

We made these cheese stuffed sausage rolls using the new Bute Island grated cheddar & Tofurky Chick N Apple meat fre sausages.

Get the recipe here
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Overall Product Score: 6/10

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