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PRODUCT REVIEW: Bute Island Grated dairy free Sheese (Cheddar flavour)

Published: 16 Jun 2017

A new offering from the cheese masters at Bute Island. Does it really taste like cheese though?

PRODUCT REVIEW: Bute Island Grated dairy free Sheese (Cheddar flavour)

Price: This has a seriously competitive price compared to some dairy free products on the market. You can pick it up for around £2.75/€3.14/$3.51 so we we're pretty pleased with the cost.

Review: Now, our first concern is the packaging due to how amazing it looks which usually means the product won't be that great. Far too many companies spend too much time on making plant based products look great and neglect the quality of the item so, do Bute Island fall into the same trap?

We open the packet and take our first sniff and HOLD....ON....DID WE JUST SMELL CHEESE?!! YES, YES WE DID! An instant strong smell of actual cheddar! Now we're really excited

We did two taste tests and here are the results.

1. Straight from the pack:

Not too bad, there's a nice hint of cheese. The strong smell doesn't quite match the flavour but good texture.

2. Melted:

WOW! This is unreal, it has the perfect consistency, not too thick, creamy and it tastes like cheese! We also had a meat eater try this and their response was: "What?! What's in this?! How does it taste like cheese".

Summary: Quite amazing, we don't know how Bute Island have managed to create this "grate" flavour but well done!
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Overall Product Score: 9.5/10

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