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FEATURE Why vegans should NOT boycott non-vegan companies.

Think twice before you jump on the boycott bandwagon.

Published: 07 Jul 2017 @

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: We are NOT supporting, condemning, associating or commenting directly towards ANY of the companies featured in the graphic for this article. We are NOT suggesting any person should impose a boycott on said companies or companies mentioned in this feature.

Yeah, we hate legal crap too! Onto the point!

Now let's just start things off by stating the (hopefully) obvious, we are NOT saying go out and start buying Big Macs, working in slaughter houses or taking advantage of third world countries and their lack of human rights when it comes to employment, pay and living conditions, NO!

We want to highlight an issue that has actually played an important developmental role in many aspects of modern civilization, without such movements progress would simply not have been made.

Probably one of the most famous would be the 'Montgomery Bus Boycott' instigated by Rosa Parks. She refused to surrender her seat to a white passenger which at the time was illegal (Seriously, look it up). This resulted in a wide boycott of the bus company and was a big win for the civil rights movement at the time led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

And this is relevant how you ask?

It's relevant because this type of action has an end goal. There is a smart way to go about achieving this and a long way.

Let's take the most common type of boycott in the vegan world which is essentially, avoid buying anything a company produces until they make all products vegan, stop animal testing, sign up to fair trade deals or desist in using environmentally damaging products.

What is the usual result?

If for example an organization has one vegan product that no one is buying, what do you think will happen to that product? They will simply stop making it and no progress will be made.

This is where we need to change our tactics and support companies that introduce change.

Let's use McDonald's as an example.

They introduce 3 vegan burgers to their menu (let's think big). They also make them environmentally friendly, organic & strike fair trade deals for the ingredients. But it's McDonald's and they have no plans to stop serving meat.

Which of these outcomes will achieve the vegan goal fast and effectively?

1. Boycott the fast food giant and still continue to avoid all of their products which will result in the sales & marketing team having the following conversation in their next quarterly meeting, "Well, no one cares about these burgers so let's get rid of them and keep serving heart attacks in a bun". Meanwhile vegans continue to ignore the company until they go vegan.


2. Vegans flock to buy these new tasty burgers and even meat eaters that adopt Meat Free Mondays decide to give them a whirl. The result not only being an increase in the sale of vegan food but a decrease in the sale of animal products. The company are far more likely to say, "Hey, look at this! these are a big hit, maybe it's an avenue we should peruse".

Imagine if McDonald's continued this pattern and turned into a vegan fast food chain!

Now obviously there are many more underlying subjects to this issue and it's not as easy as that, we know this. The point we're trying to make is the more you support companies that release vegan products the more chance there is of this having a positive impact on a larger scale.

We agree, some boycotts should be just that, a boycott!

But just think about the real end goal here. Think about your friend that still eats meat, how effective is it going on at them about how meat is murder compared to maybe suggesting they try one of the vegan options on the menu?

You've been there and you know which one works best.

So, think of certain companies as, 'You're friend that still consumes animal products' and offer them that new suggestion and support them.

Have a think about it. And the next time someone calls a boycott, remember the end goal and the best way to achieve it.

From all of the team here:
"Thanks for sticking around, this was a long article but our first full feature so we hope you enjoyed it and feel it's worth sharing!"

And just for the record, no, we are not comparing the civil rights movement to a vegan burger. Please don't be that person.

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