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LIFESTYLE All new certified range of vegan Makeup available in UK & US!

Very vegan from w7 Cosmetics is a new range of cruelty free Makeup.

Published: 06 Jul 2017 @

With the range of cruelty free brands on the rise you can add another great addition to your bag!

w7 Cosmetics has launched a certified range of vegan Makeup now available in the UK & US with a huge selection to choose from. The products have received great reviews from bloggers and celebrity YouTubers such as, Stephanie Lange who recently transitioned to a vegan lifestyle.

Some of the new animal friendly products include: primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, eyeliner & even lipstick all at a very reasonable price so we hope this will encourage other brands to release their own range of vegan cosmetics.

Check out the new range for yourself here

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