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UK pizza chain now offers vegan pizza WITH VEGAN CHEESE!

FINALLY! They have stores up and down the country.

Published: 20 Jun 2017 @

Is it true?! YES! Finally a pizza chain not only offers a vegan pizza but also VEGAN CHEESE TO GO WITH IT! How long have we had to put up with eating pizza with just toppings and no cheese?! Can we even count that far back in time!

"Can I have the dry bread with burn to shit peppers on it please? Thanks", NO MORE!

UK pizza chain, Zizzi now offer several vegan options including the, 'VEGAN/NON DAIRY MARGHERITA RUSTICA PIZZA'.

Hopefully this is just the first of many fast food chains that will start to offer more comprehensive meal options for vegans.

Oh and did we mention they also sell a vegan, gluten free pizza WITH vegan cheese?!