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UK Supermarket now labels all suitable wine vegan!

Finally, we can get drunk without having to check barnivore first.

Published: 04 Jul 2017 @

If you're new to the world of veganism then count yourself lucky you're reading this article before you had to start the struggle of finding out which wine is vegan. If you're a veteran wine drinking vegan then we're about to make your drinking habits way easier!

It might even be news to you that most wine is not vegan especially red. The majority of wine will be filtered through various parts of animals during the distilling process (gross), and it's a nightmare to actually figure out which wine is suitable to drink.

One ethical supermarket has decided to start labelling all wine that is suitable for vegans. UK based chain, 'The Co-operative' even has a vegan product list as well as the new labelling system, so the next time you need to grab a quick bottle then pop into a store and go nuts.

This only applies to their own brand selection so please check big name brands in the usually way, by tearing your hair out navigating their website for an hour whilst stood weeping in the wine aisle of every shop on the planet that sells wine.

They also offer a wide 'Fairtrade' selection.

The Co-operative Food

Also check out Barnivore, they offer a comprehensive list of vegan alcohol.

And drink responsibly!