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NEWS First vegan frozen pizza company launches in UK!

One Planet Pizza is the UKs first vegan frozen pizza company.

Published: 21 Jul 2017 @

As the UK sees a slow rise in the number of pizza chains adding vegan cheese to their menu, this is great news for pizza lovers all over the country. It's already fairly easy to pick up vegan cheese, meat substitutes and various other items but a good vegan pizza is really hard to come by in a store.

One Planet Pizza started a crowd funding campaign last year (2016) and quickly gained momentum for their launch. In partnership with Bute Island (Vegan cheese company) they now distribute three frozen vegan pizzas across the country to local retail stores.

They currently produce four different flavours, Meditteranean Vegetable, Hawaiian, Three Sheese Margherita & Exotic Funghi Feast.

Oh, and you can also order them online!

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