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NEWS This guy cannot stop adopting old dogs from the pound that nobody wants!

But that's not all!

Published: 07 Jul 2017 @

It's an all too sad fact that most dogs will spend their life in a pound if they are too old, have disabilities or just not a popular breed.

Lucky for some though people like Steve Greig from, Colorado exist! So far he's adopted over a dozen animals from dogs to pigs, chickens and rabbits all because no one else wanted them.

When his dog, Wolfgang passed away at a young age he wanted to make a difference so started to give these animals a loving home.

He's up at 5AM to feed, walk & groom every single animal, goes to work, comes home at lunch to do exactly the same then repeats the process every day.

Check out some great pics & videos of his instagram

Steve Greig Instagram

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