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NEWS 'EBC-46' Plant based cancer curing drug currently undergoing human trials is working.

The Blushwood tree found in Australia produces a chemical compound that can kill cancer cells in a matter of hours.

Published: 19 Jul 2017 @

Dr Victoria Gordon, executive director and CEO, and Dr Paul Reddell, executive director and chief scientific officer, of QBiotics with the fruit of the blushwood tree.


Around 1 in 2 people will be effected by cancer at some point in their life, directly or indirectly. A recent Netflix documentary, 'What the Health' attributed many causes of the illness to the food that we eat, mainly processed meats and dairy and highlight the powerful health benefits of natural foods.

Modern medicine currently relies on powerful drugs, radiotherapy and chemotherapy that not only kill cancer cells but will also attack healthy human tissues which can sometimes be the cause of death in a patient as opposed to the cancer itself.

QBiotics are a pharmaceutical company based in, Queensland and have developed a plant based cancer fighting drug made from the seeds of the Blushwood tree, which is native to the land and only found in Australia. Human trials are currently in progress and the results are extremely positive.

The extract is injected directly into the cancerous cells and has been shown to cure Melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and breast adenocarcinoma. The other surprising result is the speed at which the extract eliminates these cells. Traditional methods can take weeks however, some reports have shown the extract can take effect within minutes of being administered destroying the cancer in a matter of days.

They also develop these natural drugs to treat animals with similar conditions in the veterinary world.

Please note: These are NOT experiments carried out on lab animals.

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