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HEALTH: Preservative found in meat & dairy also used to treat fungal infections.


Published: 08 Jul 2017 @

What is it?

Natamycin is a preservatie used to prevent the growth of yeast and mould in foods such as sausages, cheese, yoghurt and certain beverages. It is also given to humans & animals for the topical treatment of fungal eye, mouth & skin infections.

Although Natamycin itself has not been shown to be harmful in humans, we're focusing on the reason the additive is used in the first place which should seriously make people consider why they are consuming it.

Many meat & dairy products become contaminated with Mycotoxins, poisonous chemical compounds produced by certain fungi. They can also be found in crops used as feed for livestock & this is why the preservative Natamycin is added, to prevent the growth of these toxins which can have serious health effects on humans and animals, sometimes fatal.

Vegan and plant-based diet's generally do not contain products with this type of preservative as they are rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

So the question is. Should you really be eating food that needs to be preserved with a chemical to stop it from killing you? Probably not.

Yet this is exactly what you'll find in meat and dairy products.

The next time you're at a BBQ and see someone about to tuck into a sausage, ask them if they have any fungal infections that need clearing up with it first.

More information on this topic can be found in a research paper released by the World Health Organization HERE

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