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Study shows high plant-based diet helps maintain weight loss.

Not only can you lose weight following a plant-based diet, you can keep it from coming back!

Published: 03 Jun 2017 @

How many diets have you tried so far? How many times have you finished the diet and then agonisingly watched all that hard work be reversed? How badly do you want to be able to keep wearing those skinny jeans without worrying about the button popping again?

We all know by now the main cause of weight gain can be attributed to foods high in sugar, processed meats and high consumption of dairy products. This is why so many diets have you eating salads for days and then when the diet is done you go back to the same old eating habits and say bye bye to those slim fitting clothes again.

The study, carried out by the World health organisation, released a report showing that increased weight can increase your risk of cancer and other health issues.

Chapter 2 of the report, 'Diet, obesity, and physical activity' then goes on to discuss how the intake of vitamins, fibre & food can reduce your risk of cancer by limiting certain things and that it can help maintain weight loss.

It states:

"A Mediterranean-style, restricted calorie dietary pattern, which is high in cereals, fruits, and vegetables and LOW in animal products, has been effective in sustaining weight loss"

Although the report still states animal products it's clear the main reason this works is due to the high intake of plant based foods and avoiding animal based items. The report also warns to stay clear of processed meats suggesting, "High consumption of red meat, especially processed meat, is associated with risk of colorectal cancer."

A plant-based diet can be rich in everything you need to support a healthy body, strong immune system and keep you in those skinny jeans.

The other great thing about a plant-based diet is you don't have to limit yourself to a couple of tiny portions of food everyday, most plant based foods can be extremely low in fat and sugar so you can eat to your hearts content if done right.

Check out this great video by 'High Carb Hannah':
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You can read the report for yourself HERE but it's over 600 pages long so maybe just take our word for it.