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Over 2bn People lack safe drinking water whilst we provide 59 BILLION farmed animals a year with it!

The amount of safe, clean water used to raise livestock is staggering when so many people go without it and die from disease every day.

Published: 21 Jul 2017 @

There have been a variety of reports over recent years that very clearly document the damage being caused to various aspects of the environment due to raising live stock for the meat & dairy industry. Our surroundings are being destroyed and our health is also suffering as a direct result of these products and practices.

A new report released by, WHO (World Health Organization) in collaboration with international charity, UNICEF now states that over 2 billion people worldwide have no access to safe, clean water in their own home. Not only is the sheer number of animals farmed every year staggering, the amount of water used to raise them is even more astonishing.

Let's look at some basic figures.

Based on an average human consumption of 1.5 liters of water a day, we would need to produce roughly 11,100,000,000 Liters of water per year to sustain the 2.1bn that currently go without. (That's just drinking water)

This next bit is mind blowing.

To produce just 1KG of beef uses approx. 15,415 liters of water. The average cow will result in roughly 340KG of meat.

1 Cow needs 5,241,100 Liters of water to be raised for meat.

296,000,000 Million cattle are killed every year for meat which equates to about 1,551,365,600,000,000 liters of water needed in one year. JUST FOR BEEF!

Let's put these figures next to each other

11,100,000,000 (Liters of water needed for 2.1 Billion humans)
1,551,365,600,000,000 (Liters of water needed to raise 296,000,000 cattle) Is this sinking in yet? That's JUST beef! We haven't included the other 58 Billion animals farmed every year.

Human = 11 Billion Liters of water
Cattle = 1.5 QUADRILLION Liters of water

That's over 130 times more water used on farmed animals than humans.

At one point, we decided to not run this article because we didn't believe the numbers. We're still struggling.

World Health Organization Report

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