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FEATURE Veganism is NOT the cause for lack of protein. People are!

It's time you understood why your perception of veganism is WRONG.

Published: 13 Jul 2017 @

We still find it completely mind blowing that this conversation has to take place between many individuals regardless of the diet they are on or lifestyle they chose to lead. If you're a vegan then you are sick and tired of being asked where you get your protein from, people stating "You can't get enough protein" and "your protein deficient".

Firstly, the next time you meet one of the billions of qualified nutritional experts that seem to inhabit this earth and they state one of the above, ask them the following question, "How much protein do I need then?". If they respond with anything but a numerical figure they have no idea what they are talking about which demonstrates the very problem, people.

The reason we decided to run this article is due to the following questions that we see over and over again which are:

"How much protein do you need to eat as a vegan?"


"Where do you get your protein from if you don't eat meat?"

There are two HUGE fundamental and worrying flaws with BOTH of these.

1. On what planet do humans need a different amount of protein depending on their diet? Just think about that for a second. (And we are talking about the average person)

2. Who taught you that meat was the ONLY source of protein on this intellectually void blue and green rock?

Protein intake is the same for everyone in relation to their weight and age, it has NOTHING to do with your eating habits. The average human being between the age of 19-50 should be consuming approximately 0.75 grams of protein for every kilogram they weigh. Simple!

Protein is essential for all living beings to grow and repair. There are literally millions of animals that DO NOT EAT MEAT and you don't just see them dropping dead everywhere, do you? NO.

This is why veganism has absolutely NOTHING to do with a person's protein intake. Millions of people around the world suffer from protein deficiency because they have a poor diet.

We're not saying everyone should be experts in nutrition. We're simply stating the fact that the lack of knowledge when it comes to basic human survival is worrying and is exactly why so many people have health issues.

If you are at all worried you might be lacking in any nutritional aspect of your diet, please visit the following website or search "nutritional advice".

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