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Is this the most REALISTIC vegan fish on the market?

This could be the best vegan fish fillet on the market and we were blown away by it!

Published: 28 Jun 2017 @

There are plenty of meat substitutes on the market that mimic burgers, hotdogs & chicken nuggets but fish generally isn't one that's widely found or varied. A few companies produce vegan fishcakes and fish-fingers but that's pretty much all you're going to find, so when we came across these animal free fish fillets how could we resist?

Canadian based company, Gardein have already mastered the likes of meat free burgers and chicken sliders so what can you expect from these little beauties!

You can expect to taste the best fish of your life and not just vegan fish! We had some meat-eaters chow down of these and they couldn't believe they were vegan so if you haven't tried these yet then go and BUY BUY BUY! Don't forget the fresh lemon & LIME LIME LIME!