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If this is the FIRST ingredient listed on the product DO NOT BUY IT

Companies don't tell you this but the FIRST ingredient listed on a product should tell you if you should buy it or stay away from it.

Published: 26 Jun 2017 @

As we continue to eat healthier, avoid additives, choose organic & cut down on animal based products we assume the food we're buying is by and large healthy for us and will do us a world of good. However you'd be surprised how many products you buy that should really be left on the shelf and companies don't have to tell you about it either.

In most countries any company that produces an edible product must list all ingredients and by law they MUST list these in descending order starting with the largest amount first. We found several products such as fruit & nut bars, food seasoning (fajita seasoning, curry powder, stock cubes) smoothies, fresh juice, vegan meat substitutes and various other items with the first ingredient being listed as SUGAR.

That means the main bulk of that product is SUGAR and contains more of this than any other ingredient!

The next time you go shopping make sure to check the ingredients and if the first one listed is something like sugar then it's probably a good idea to stay away from it, unless of course you're buying a bag of sugar.