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Hung-over and vegan? We got you covered.

Here are 8 of the very best vegan hang-over foods you can chow down on after going out for that ONE drink.

Published: 01 Jul 2017 @

So you decided to finish off a chaotic week and head out for ONE drink after work, after all you've got that Friday feeling and you deserve to let go.

But now you're probably slightly dying in bed (hopefully your own) and you need to say sorry to your liver, what better way to cheer yourself up than to stuff your face.

Here are some of the best vegan chow downs you can gorge on to distract you from that pounding headache.

1. The classic fry up.
You cannot beat a fry up, filling, tasty and sure to put you into a food coma within minutes.

2. Burritos.
If you prefer something a bit more on the healthy side then get some burritos delivered!

3. Beyond burger.
Famously known as the "bleeding" vegan burger, don't worry though it's just beets.

4. Chicken style hash brown cheese roll.
If you can't decide what to have, why not put it ALL in one roll!

5. Steak.
Yep, you can actually get vegan steak!

6. Tofu bacon burger muffin.
Want the fast food breakfast experience? Then try one of these!

7. Bacon sandwich.
A vegan bacon sandwich!

Let's not forget this classic!

8. A good old English style sausage sandwich with brown sauce.

And you thought you were hungry BEFORE you read this!