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NEWS Lucy is 1 of 130 saved from South Korean dog meat farm!

Humane Society International just saved over 130 dogs from a meat farm in South Korea.

Published: 19 Jul 2017 @


It's unfortunate that even animals we have come to love as household companions are also treated like food for human consumption. This still takes place in many parts of the world and is considered normal practice.

Luckily for Lucy and thousands of other dogs, organizations such as the Humane Society International work all year round to save loving animals from a horrible fate.

HSI have just rescued over 130 dogs from a dog meat farm in South Korea, they will be vaccinated and transported to the United States where they will find loving homes.

Here is Lucy being rescued (NOT GRAPHIC)

You can learn more about the amazing work HSI carry out, just visit the link. (Please be aware this site may contain graphic images)

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