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BREAKING: DR ZUBIN DAMANIA Mocks women, vegans, doctors & Kip Andersen for 'What the Health' in disgraceful video review.

Dr Damania, "people are behaving in an insane emotional way".

Published: 12:14 PM 04 Jul 2017 @

We are deeply saddened and disappointed that someone in the medical profession, responsible for our health and well-being, can show such disgraceful & disrespect behaviour towards a group of people simply trying to educate the world to lead healthier lives.

Documentary, 'What the Health' released on Netflix earlier this year is a film dedicated to uncovering what appears to be an industry of food giants forcing unhealthy, cancer causing foods onto the general population.

DR Zubin Damania who resides in, Las Vegas, practised medicine at Stanford University and is now more commonly know as an Internet celebrity who goes by the pseudonym, 'ZDoggMD', REALLY?.

In a video released today (04 Jul 2017) on his facebook page he is seen to give a live commentary of, 'What the Health' and spends over ten minutes mocking and insulting women, vegans, doctors and Kip Anderson.

Regarding certified nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder, he adopts a stereotypical derogatory voice mimicking her stance by saying:

"there are like toxins in the meat and they're going to get in my booby milk and the babies gonna get toxified and then we'll never be able to have a reality show"

He also slates, Kip Anderson several times with insults such as, "What are you documenting in this documentary? The fact that you're an idiot?" and fires several insults towards experienced medical practitioners including, Dr Michael Klaper MD & Dr Caldwell Esselstyn MD.

Only a few minutes into the film he states, "There's an hour and 27 minutes left to go in this shit" and calls Kip a, "dipshit". We find this behaviour absolutely disgraceful and he should be ashamed of himself.

You can see his awful actions in the video below:

You can watch the full video HERE