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Cancer charity based nutritional guidance on, PROBABLY PROTECTS AGAINST CANCER. REALLY?!

Should we all pray to a god becasue one PROBABLY exists?

Published: 24 Jun 2017 @

Over the years MOST nutritional guidance has come from well funded medical studies by reputable institutes from around the world that inform the general public, YOU, what you should and shouldn't consume in order to, well, not die.

Now there are many programs that are funded by the very same industry that are actually damaging people's health so they tend to give biased guidelines, leaving out anything damaging to their reputation as producers of consumer products but you would expect more from a cancer charity, no?

Australian cancer charity, 'Cancer Council' based in New South Wales have decided to ignore everything completely and advise people of the following, "The evidence suggests that milk probably protects against bowel cancer, and there is limited suggestive evidence that milk reduces the risk of bladder cancer."

They then go on to state, "Dairy foods should be encouraged as part of a varied and nutritious diet". But for what purpose if you have no scientific evidence to back this up? In case you missed the vital part of this recommendation here it is again, "PROBABLY", they said it PROBABLY protects against a form of cancer.

Could it not also PROBABLY lead to high levels of cholesterol in humans, oh no wait that's actually been proven, BY SCIENCE.

Should we also pray to a god because one PROBABLY exists?

Picture yourself in front of your local doctor and you ask him/her, "What food should I eat to stay healthy?" and he/she replies, "Probably dairy". That probably wouldn't go down to well, would it?

Read the article for yourself and make up your own mind HERE