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A vegan, meat-free burger that actually BLEEDS!

The new burger in the MEAT ISLE!

Published: 21 Jun 2017 @

Don't get us wrong, there's a fine selection of vegan burgers around the world in health food shops and supermarkets that look mildly appealing but they're not really burgers, are they? They're just lies wrapped in breadcrumbs. A load of beans mashed up with potato doesn't really give you the same filling feeling as a burger.

Well now you can actually buy a vegan burger that bleeds but don't worry you won't have vampires beating down your door for a taste. The burger has beets mixed into the core so when you bite into it, it looks red like the real thing.

Beyond Meat, an American company, are beyond this exciting new vegan burger and it's also packed full of protein.

Let's hope we can see this in supermarkets all over the world soon!