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Heart-warming Beef farmer saves cattle from slaughter to live out happy life on sanctuary.

Jay the farmer: I hope when they get to the sanctuary they think they're on holiday now.

Published: 03 Jul 2017 @

When his dad passed away in 2011, Jay Wilde inherited his farther's farm that had spent many years sending hundreds of cows to slaughter for the meat industry.

Jay said, "You can tell that they're happy, sad, bored and sense when they're going to be killed, you can tell there's something going on behind the eyes".

The compassionate beef burglar has now decided to completely stop breeding cattle for meat and turn his farm into an organic vegan vegetable crop. Every single cow will be sent to a sanctuary to live out the rest of their lives in a field of dreams and will have nothing to moo-an about.

Watch Jay and the cows for yourself!

Thank you Jay.