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Here are five easy to cook with versatile foods high in protein.

Published: 12 Jun 2017 @

Most of you have heard that same old question a thousand times before, "But where do you get your protein from if you don't eat meat?". Well to give you the simple answer, it comes from the same place most animals get their daily intake from, PLANTS & VEGETABLES!

There are plenty of natural foods as well as meat substitutes packed full of protein to help you fill your daily quota with ease. Here's our top five favourites.

1. Fry's Chicken-Style Nuggets

These tasty vegan nuggets go great in wraps or even just as a little snack and they're PACKED full of protein!

Protein per box: 38g

2. Soyabeans

Cheap and easy to add to any meal, they go great in a curry!

Protein per 100 grams: 37g

3. Gardein beefless burger

One of thee best meat burger substitutes around! Thick, chewy and go great covered in mayo!

4. Cauldron original tofu

You can add this firm tofu to rice dishes, curry dishes or even lightly fry it in your favourtie spice!

Protein per 100 grams: 8.5g

5. Chickpeas

You can eat these straight from a can, add them to soup, curry or roast them in oil and seasoning!

Protein per 100 grams: 19g